A research program with generous incentives to accelerate the decarbonization of Metro Vancouver homes

Welcome to the NearZero website. This is for applicants to submit their details for the incentive streams which they may qualify for. Please click through on the streams you wish to apply for.

Stream 1

Operational Emissions

Stream 2

Embodied Emissions

Stream 3

Domestic Hot Water

Stream 4

Utility Data

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About NearZero:

In July 2016, Vancouver City Council approved the Zero Emissions Building (“ZEB”) Plan, which lays out a phased approach to combat and reduce carbon pollution in Vancouver, by transitioning to zero emissions for most new building types by the year 2030. In 2017, the Province of BC introduced the BC Energy Step Code, which has since been adopted into code by over a dozen Metro Vancouver municipalities. By 2032, Net Zero Energy Ready homes (i.e. Step 5 and the highest step of the BC Energy Step Code) will be the minimum energy performance requirements across the province.

The road to “Zero Emissions” or “Net Zero Energy Ready” will follow a phased approach. As expertise, technology and high-performance building components continue to advance and improve, it will be possible to reach zero emissions, but for now, encouraging projects that will reach “near zero emissions” is a good stepping stone, one that is promoted and supported by this initiative.

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