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Stream 4

A ZEBx utility data collection initiative to determine the real emissions and energy profiles of BC homes.


Although we have an abundance of energy consumption and emissions estimates for new high-performance homes (thanks to energy modelling), we do not have good information on actual energy consumption and emissions from these homes. Are the estimates accurate? What’s the real-life energy and emissions profile of a high-performance home? Do the regulations need to be adjusted to achieve the desired outcome of local and provincial governments?

ZEBx (a part of the Zero Emissions Innovation Centre), with co-funding from BC Hydro and the City of Vancouver, has launched this data-collection initiative to answer these important questions. In addition to the utility data that we’re collecting for new high-performance homes, we also want to determine the real emissions reductions that can be achieved by gas-fired heat pumps (dual-fuel heat pumps, gas absorption heat pumps and gas engine heat pumps).

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. The home must be located in BC.
  2. The building must be a Part 9 residential building.
  3. The as-built energy model must indicate that the home meets Step 4 and Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code, the Passive House standard or CHBA’s Net Zero and Net Zero Ready certification.
  4. (or)  Homes with a duel fuel heating system (e.g., gas furnace and electric heat pump) or gas absorption heat pump and at least two years of utility data (one year pre-installation and one year post-installation) are also eligible, regardless of the home’s level of energy efficiency.

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$300 for one year of utility data

If the building is a duplex, triplex or part of a townhouse complex, each residential unit is eligible for compensation. Secondary suites are not eligible for compensation. If the home has one or more secondary suites, the utility bills must account for all secondary suites.
If the utility bills are not addressed to the applicant, the applicant is responsible for securing consent to share the utility bills. Utility data will remain anonymous.
While each application will be assessed according to the above-noted compensation criteria, by applying to the program, the participants acknowledge that the program administrator will have the final decision on how to compensate participants.

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Application Process

If further assistance is needed with completing the application or the questionnaires, please contact:

nearzero@zeic.ca with the subject line NearZero4

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